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Sim Gear, Installation, Support, Hardware Setup, Tweaks and Fixes etc

A collection of links brought to you by the Virtual Thunderbirds, LLC

Thrustmaster HOTAS
Thrustmaster Official Site
Warthog World
Cougar World
MFD Cougar Leaflet Generator

Thrustmaster Technical Support; downloads for your product(s), including drivers, utilities, BIOS files and manuals

Cougar World: New owner? Start here... (Getting started with your Cougar)
CubPilot's Hangar: Install Cougar on Win7 64-Bit
Cougar World: Latest Software and Firmware
Cougar World: Hardware Modifications
Cougar World: Joystick and Macro files (Foxy Profiles)

VTB Forums: HOTAS Warthog Curves and Axis Response
VTB Forums: HOTAS Cougar CCP setup
VTB Forums: CCP vs. LOMAC curves
VTB Forums: Cougar profiles and LockOn curves (Same topic, older thread)
VTB Forums: Joyrange Setting
Warthog World: Warthog Serial Number Database
Cougar World: Owners and Serial Number Database
CubPilot's Hangar - HS Kits, Mods & Joystick Handle Screw Kit (Highly recommended for FSSB owners)

Realsimulator Official Site: FSSB Description and Manual (pdf file) for Installation and Resistance Settings
Realsimulator Forums
Cougar World: FSSB Article
VTB Forums: FSSB Resistance Calculator
VTB Forums: FSSB Resistance Settings Discussion


Kits, Blueprints and Designs
62nd Fighting Falcons: Akers Barnes Cockpit (ABC)
Aimsworth: F-16 Viper I & II Cockpits Advanced Flight Simulators
RealSimulator: Ready to fight
Realsims, LLC: Manufacturer of fixed and rotary wing flight simulators
SC Simulations: F-16/A-10 Cockpit Kits & U.M.C. Kits
Obutto Gaming Cockpit: Sim racing, Flight sim, Computer desk
Zachnefein's Place: PVC Cockpit Project

Instruments & Simulation Interface
Beta Innovations: Guages, Interface etc
Hagstrom Electronics: Keyboard Encoder Modules; Inexpensive interface
SIMKITS: Flight Simulator Parts; Functional Gauges

References & Resources The next best thing to being there!
F-16C Reference Library
F-16 Falcon cockpit layout & consoles F-16 Viper Information Page; Block descriptions, Walkarounds, Cockpit references, Books etc
A-10A Thunderbolt II “Warthog” cockpit flightsimulator building site
Code One Magazine: Special Cockpit Edition

Naturalpoint Official Site

Naturalpoint: TrackIR Support - see nav bar for downloads, FAQ, troubleshooting etc
Naturalpoint Forums: LockOn / Blackshark Support forum - TrackIR stops, axis, zoom problems etc
ED Forums: TrackIR - Initial FOV Adjustment for LockOn

Flagship Industries Official Site: Download Latest Client

Installation / Setup Forums: How to set up Ventrilo
Ventrilo Tech Support Forums: Read this first

Ventrilo Tech Support Forums: Common problems sticky collection - FAQ
Ventrilo Tech Support Forums: Ventrilo 3.0 FAQ

Graphics card tips and tools

Required reading
Tweakguides: Nvidia Forceware Tweak Guide
Tweakguides: ATI Catalyst Tweak Guide

nVidia: Driver Site
ATI: Driver Site
TechPowerUp: GPU-Z - Video card GPU Information Utility
Guru3D: Driver Sweeper
Guru3D: RivaTuner v2.06 download - the leading tweak Utility for NVIDIA and ATI videocards
Guru3D: RivaTuner 2.0 fan speed & Overclock Guide
SpeedFan - Access temperature sensor in your computer
nVidia: nTune Performance Application
Video Memory Watcher / (Backup download link)
Futuremark: 3DMark - benchmarking
RightMark2: DX10 benchmarking program download (Right Click and Save Target As...)
Fraps: Real-time video capture & benchmarking

Net tools The fastest and easiest way to determine your IP address
PortForward: Free Help Setting up Your Router or Firewall - Select your router and the software to configure for a pictorial walkthrough
Speakeasy: Speed Test; your internet connection speed! Free broadband speed test with servers located all over the world
PC Pitstop: Internet Connection Center Traceroute, Ping, DNS lookup, WHOIS etc

Computer Tweaks and Optimization
VTB Forums: Windows Services - Exposed and Expunged
VTB Forums: Startup Control Panel
AlacrityPC: Program Shutdown Service

ED / LockOn Official Site: Download LOFC, patches etc
JaBoG32: Lock ON 1.1 Patches - For all different versions (CD, Web)
Kon Air Help Desk: LOMAC FAQ's & INTEL

VTB Forums: How to Install LockOn
VTB Forums: Creating multiple installs of LockOn
Kon Air Help Desk: Important Installation Items
ED Forums: Lock On 1.1 Installation and troubleshooting
LockOn Site: Lock On v.1.1: Flaming Cliffs Activation Procedure
LockOn Site: Lock On v.1.1: Flaming Cliffs Reinstallation Procedure
ED Forums: Star Force activation problems on english CD LockOn v1.1
ED Forums: Troubles with the installing/the first launch of Flaming Cliffs in Windows Vista
VBA Forums: Vista and LockOn Fix
VBA Forums: Installing LOFC with Windows 7
ED Forums: TROUBLESHOOTING - Help us helping you (FC2 edition)
ED Forums: FC2 Sound FAQ

LockOnFiles: ModMan (Requires LockOnFiles registration/login to access files - Used to install add-ons)
JaBoG32: LoMan 2.1 (Predecessor to ModMan, used to install some older mods, incl. Phantom Control)
JaBoG32: LoMan patch (Necessary for LoMan 2.1 to work with Flaming Cliffs)

Widescreen setup for FC1
ED Forums: Running LockOn in Widescreen
ED Forums: Playing LockOn in 1080p

Phantom Control for FC1
ED Forums: Phantom Control 0.4 alpha (phantom-lead)
VTB Forums: Creating Phantom Control Tracks
VTB Forums: Phantom with Ventrilo Voice Over

Documentation / Tutorials
TFC: Lock On Sales Outlet; Spiral bound manuals and copies on disc
JaBoG32: Lock-On PDFs - Manuals, QRH and KeyCommands
Combat Sim Check-lists: LOMAC Checklists, Navcharts, Airport diagrams etc
JaBoG32: Lock-On Training Movies Video Tutorials / Tracks w. voiceover
Virtual Airshows Forums: LockOn Camera-Views; tips and discussion for how to use in-game views

Tweaks and Fixes
Ubisoft Forums: Tips & tweaks - FPS, flyables, graphics etc... (Another "Mother of all Stickies" thread)
Ezor's LOCFG: Lockon GUI Configurator for FC1; set standard graphics-, view-, and multiplayer options, set F4 View, set HUD Color and backup config files
LockOn's Graphic Settings - explanation of graphic settings in LOMAC by Chizh from ED, translated by EvilBivol-1
JaBoG32: Lock ON-related Tools - G15 programming, Mod & Track utils etc
ED Forums: DCS: Black Shark Tweak Guide by Frazer - Also applies to FC2
VTB Forums: Quick recap of recommended tweaks (for a fresh FC2 install)
VTB Forums: Unrestricted 6DOF with TIR for FC2
VTB Forums: Graphics.cfg Widecreen fix for FC1
VBA Forums: Starting LockOn with a bat file; graphics.cfg & trackir.ini fix
VTB Forums: Disable Multiplayer Chat (FC1 and FC2 covered)
VTB Forums: In Cockpit Timer
VTB Forums: White HUD

MIGMan: Flight Simulaton Museum; History of the genre - A trip down memory lane, Ref Library and more
Flight Simulator History: (Microsoft) Flight Simulator and its creator Bruce Artwick
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